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Sadly, it seems that our Freedoms are being eroded by all kinds of Agendas, Religious, Political, Economic, as well as being exchanged for a concept of "Security" that doesn't generally seem to work all that well to begin with.

I write about the last area of real Freedom left. I don't like everything I hear or see, either.

But when you start stifling people's expression for your own "comfort", there are always going to be some other folks who dislike YOUR expressions & opinions enough to attempt to stifle you.

The result?

Legislative "One-Upmanship" that is eating up OVER MOST of the world's economic resources.

Take a look at 'Indie' Arts & Music-still surviving & expanding despite the Corporatists. So, help your area Artists reach out as a small business.

Start a small business yourselves.

Protect People, the Streets, and Property from being hurt by others.

Restore the Arts to our schools.


Great civilizations have historically remained great as long as they respected the Arts, cared for their aged, and respected their dead.

When they stopped, they "tail-spinned" into decline.

So this is NOT just about the Arts-it's about the Foundations of Freedom.

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